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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Hello Readers!

It's almost the end for the year 2010, and in a few more days, the Earth will complete it's orbit, circling the Sun. After many years past, human tries hard on exploring the universe, unrevealed and tried to solve many mysterious that beyond human's imagination. Space Explorations have been growing rapidly fast in these past few years. Many countries such America, Russia and Canada had discovered and explore our universe beyond the solar system. And many other countries such as India and China also had started to involve in these Space Explorations field.

By sending and making many types of space probes, rockets and even astronomical telescopes, Space Exploration had changed most of human's lifestyle. People may not know, that things and gadgets we used today, are from the Space Exploration Programme. Laptops, Internet, Communications Devices are all from the research from the programme. Even simplest things; such as fire fighters' suits, is actually the same material as the astronaut used as spacesuit.

In order to increase the human lifestyle for a better way of living, Space Exploration had cost so much money and even lives. Every missions sometimes give a success and failure results; and it's really needs a lot of patients and a strong heart to make the mission success! In this year, 2010; China's and India's rockets had exploded while take off to send their satellites to the moon. America also had lost their Space Shuttle Columbia and Challenger in their mission on ISS (International Space Station). As human, we make mistakes, and from mistakes we learnt for a better idea.

In the future, Space Explorations field will grow more rapidly as the technology gets more advance; and could help human go further beyond our planet in resolving mysteries in our universe. In 2020, NASA had planned to go back to moon. The preparation had almost complete, as NASA had already started to test their new Ares IV engine's rocket, the new lunar rover, the new spacesuit; that help the astronaut to be able to suits the environment in space and other preparations. This shown how much serious they are in this mission.

Now you could know that how Space Explorations, help and impact our daily life and helping human towards a better way of living. There are lots to discover and learn about our universe and I am really hope to have your feedback or any comments and ideas that could help my blog towards a better understanding. It's almost 3 years for me, creating this blog; Star-Lunac, and I do really enjoy blogging and share with you informations and ideas about Astronomy and Space Explorations. And now, Star-Lunac has a new author that help me, updating this blog and share with all about the outer space and the universe. Thus, feel free to comment or contact us if you had any ideas or questions to know so that we could improve our blog's management.

I think that's all for now, and I wish you all a very Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! ^,^

- If you want to know more about NASA's review missions in 2010, click here.

*I'm sorry I couldn't share with you any new year's banner for this year; either from me or NASA, as I couldn't have much time to do one.
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