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Thursday, March 6, 2008

STS-123 : Endeavour Mission Timeline

STS-123 Timeline :

Day 1

  • Endeavour launches from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  • Open Payload Bay Doors
  • Power Up Shuttle's Robot Arm
Day 2
  • Inspect orbiter's heat shield using robot arm with boom.
Day 3
  • Endeavour performs backflip, or Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver
  • International Space Station crew photographs Endeavour
  • Endeavour docks to Space Station.
Day 4

  • Astronauts Linnehan and Reisman make first spacewalk
  • First segment of Japanese Kibo module installed on Station's Harmony node
Day 5

  • Astronauts enter Japanese module
Day 6
  • Linnehan and Foreman make second spacewalk, working on assembly of two armed Canadian robot, dubbed Dextre
Day 7
  • Japanese module outfitting
  • Dextre testing
Day 8

  • Linnehan and Behnken make third spacewalk, working on station assembly and maintenance
Day 9
  • Crew off duty period
  • Robotics work with Dextre
Day 10
  • Crew off duty
  • Preparation for fourth spacewalk
Day 11
  • Behnken and Foreman make fourth spacewalk, working on space maintenance and testing a shuttle repair method
Day 12
  • Late inspection of Endeavour''s Heat Shield
Day 13
  • Behnken and Foreman make fifth spacewalk, storing shuttle's robotic boom on the station to make room for cargo on next shuttle's mission
Day 14
  • Final cargo transfers
  • Join Crews on news conference
Day 15

  • Endeavour undocks from International Space Station
  • Endeavour flies around space station
Day 16
  • Crew prepares for landing
Day 17

  • De-orbit burn
  • Endeavour lands at Kennedy Space Station, Florida
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